Why haven’t we cured cancer yet?

To understand why we haven’t cured cancer yet, the most important thing to know is that cancer is not one disease. Instead, it’s an umbrella term for more than 200 distinct diseases. Each broad cancer type has many sub-types, and they all look and behave differently because they are different on a genetic and molecular … Continue reading Why haven’t we cured cancer yet?

Chemotherapy for Breast cancer

Chemotherapy is not for every patient with breast cancer. Actually, the majority of breast cancer patients will never have chemotherapy. It is mainly for:  Patients who have high-risk cancer that has been (or will be) removed completely by surgery and Some patients with stage 4 (or metastatic) breast cancer. High-risk breast cancer: This includes cancers that … Continue reading Chemotherapy for Breast cancer

Bone-directed therapy for Breast cancer

Bone-directed therapy (Denosumab and Bisphosphonate) for breast cancer is used in two major settings: As an adjuvant therapy after surgery to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence (Bisphosphonate only) In stage 4 disease when breast cancer has spread to bones Bone-directed therapy as an adjuvant therapy after surgery: Breast cancers can sometimes recur and spread to bones, usually many years … Continue reading Bone-directed therapy for Breast cancer