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Screening for Lung Cancer

Lung cancer does not usually cause symptoms until the cancer is already advanced and not able to be cured. That is why the idea of screening for lung cancer sounds attractive. It has the potential of finding lung cancer earlier when it is easier to treat…Continue reading

Chemotherapy for Breast cancer

A high percentage of breast cancer do not require chemotherapy. This mainly includes early stages of breast cancers that are sensitive to hormones. We usually treat Hormone-sensitive early breast cancers with surgery first and then give patients breast radiotherapy (unless … Continue reading

Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer in Kent area

Lung cancer patients in Kent area can now benefit from Immunotherapy to treat their cancer. For decades, oncologists used to treat patients with advanced lung cancer with chemotherapy mainly and sometimes with palliative radiotherapy… Continue reading

Bone-directed therapy for Breast cancer

Bone-directed therapy (Denosumab and Bisphosphonate) for breast cancer is used in two major settings: As an adjuvant therapy after surgery to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence (Bisphosphonate only) In stage 4 disease when breast cancer has spread to … Continue reading

Targeted therapy for Breast cancer

Targeted cancer therapies are treatments that target specific characteristics of cancer cells, such as a protein that tells the cancer cells to grow in a rapid or abnormal way. They are generally more precise than chemotherapy in targeting cancer cells and therefore… Continue reading

Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR) for cancer patients in Kent

Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy or SABR is a new radiotherapy technique that has been successfully implemented recently for cancer patients in Kent area. This article will explain in simple terms more about this treatment highlighting its major … Continue reading