Stages of Lung cancer

Stages of non-small-cell lung cancer:

Stage 1 – the cancer is still inside the lung (localised) and hasn’t spread to the lymph nodes. The tumour is no bigger than 5cm.

Stage 2 – the cancer is no bigger than 7cm and may or may not affect the nearby lymph nodes. Or it is bigger than 7cm and has spread to surrounding tissues but not to the lymph nodes.

Stage 3 – cancer can be any size and has spread to the lymph nodes. It may be in other parts of the lungs or surrounding areas.

Stage 4 – cancer has spread to a distant part of the body such as the liver, bones or the brain.

Small cell lung cancer can be divided into two stages:

Limited disease – the cancer is limited to the lung or lymph nodes near the lung.

Extensive disease – cancer has spread outside the lung within the chest or to other parts of the body like liver, adrenal glands or brain.