Breast cancer fear stops women from getting help sooner

Over 50% of women admit to being in the dark about breast cancer treatments and this would prevent many of them from seeking an early diagnosis.

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New research shows women are ‘unaware’ that not all breast cancers are the same

Dear Colleague,

Throughout Breast Cancer Awareness month, we are delighted to be working withThe Pink Ribbon Foundation to encourage women who are worried about breast cancer to seek help early. Many women know what signs and symptoms to look out for and regularly self-examine as recommended, but many feel in the dark about breast cancer treatments.

To understand more about the public’s perception of breast cancer and available treatment options we conducted a survey of 2,000 UK women. The findings revealed that many are unaware that not all breast cancers are the same and mistakenly think that a breast cancer diagnosis results in mastectomy, chemotherapy or even radiotherapy from years ago when treatment was difficult to tolerate. These misconceptions not only create anxiety but can also cause women to delay contacting their doctor to discuss concerning signs and symptoms.

The survey revealed that more than one in 10 (14%) believe all breast cancer is the same and one in six (15%) believe all treatments are the same – with over half feeling in the dark about breast cancer treatments (58%).

Worryingly, we found that this lack of awareness would dissuade almost three in 10 (28%) from reporting possible signs and symptoms to a medical professional. A staggering 85% of those who were unsure about what treatment for breast cancer could involve, admitted the lack of knowledge made the prospect of receiving a diagnosis even more frightening, overwhelming (73%) and apprehensive (70%). A further seven in 10 (71%) admitted not knowing the full implications of treatment would leave them feeling unable to ask medical professionals the right questions.

To address the findings, we have developed a disease awareness campaign including a supporting video in partnership with The Pink Ribbon Foundation to educate women that there are many different types of breast cancer and personalised treatment options to encourage them to present sooner.

The campaign features breast and oncoplastic surgeon and member of our breast CRG, Professor PG Roy, Jonathan Prince MBE, Chair of Trustees at the Pink Ribbon Foundation, Amanda Mealing actress, director and breast cancer survivor and Ruth, a GenesisCare patient.

The campaign launched ahead of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and is intended to secure both consumer and national press coverage.   The campaign will also be supported via our social and digital channels and will be the main feature in this month’s GenesisCare newsletter to approximately 10K GP surgeries located close to our centres.

I am sure you’ll agree that the campaign and supporting video will help to dispel fear and empower women to seek help earlier so they can achieve the best possible outcomes.

To address the new breast cancer survey findings, GenesisCare and The Pink Ribbon Foundation have joined forces to help raise awareness amongst women, their family and friends. Watch our video now. 

“Everyone is unique and therefore your treatment and your response to treatment should be as unique as you” 
– Amanda Mealing

Find out more about the campaign and our research here.

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